Luxman’s New Flagship M-10X Stereo/Mono Power Amplifier

Woof! I’ve been a fan of Japan’s Luxman, pronounced Lustman here in the Barn, for ages. Their new flagship M-10X Stereo/Mono Power Amplifier celebrates the company’s 100th anniversary (Luxman was founded in 1925).

1925. 100 years (they’re celebrating a few years early). Let that sink in.

This tells you a lot about the MX-10X.

This tells some more.

From the press release:

Luxman designers carefully evaluated available components for their contribution to audio performance. Finally, the team connected assembled experimental boards to an existing amplifier, assessing prototype designs through repeated listening tests. The resulting circuit incorporates three essential advances.

Improved configuration. To substantially upgrade the detection of distortion, Luxman engineers selected a Field Effect Transistor (FET) with unusually high transconductance (gm) and a different polarity in the primary stage. This not only improves sound quality, but also reduces the number of parallel circuit elements. The result is a unique balance of low distortion and exceptional musicality.
Highly regulated constant voltage circuit. The drive stage has an outsized impact on an amplifier’s ability to render fine musical nuances. For LIFES1.0, Luxman engineers redesigned the constant voltage circuit with new, high-performance regulator chips and carefully selected Zener diodes manufactured by Vishay in the United States. The team adopted a highly regulated power supply circuit that resists load fluctuations, even under duress.
Improved current mirror circuit. Amplifiers can generate heat, and as temperatures inside the amplifier change, performance can degrade. For the most stable operation under all thermal conditions, the M-10X employs a new configuration of high-precision fixed resistance components in the current mirror constant current circuit.

Operation is pure Class A up to 12 Watts but the M-10X has plenty more on tap, offering 150 Watts into 8 Ohms and a walloping 1200 Watts into 1 Ohm!

And don’t forget those beautiful backlit VU meters.


The Luxman M-10X power amplifier will be available in February with a suggested retail price of $19,995.

Company Website: Luxman