In Barn for Review: EgglestonWorks Oso

The EgglestonWorks Oso are offered in virtually any color of your choosing. The review pair arrived in a beautiful Barn Red (that’s not really what this color is called but it’s what I’m going to call it).

The Oso sits at the top of EgglestonWorks Artisan Series,  the company’s entry priced models. A slender three way, the Oso incorporates a 1” fabric dome tweeter, dual 6″ midrange drivers, and a single side firing 10″ woofer per side.

The Oso’s cabinet sports a slotted port around back that allows for a smooth low end without any undesirable chuffing of air and reach down to a respectable 28 Hz according to the company.

As is evident, the high gloss Barn Red finish reflects its surroundings, and the Oso’s angular yet curvy cabinet reads like visual candy.

I’ve long admired the speakers I’ve heard from EgglestonWorks, which up until now only happened at shows, i.e. hardly ideal. So having a pair in Barn (Red), is the cherry on top of a long wait.

EgglestonWorks Oso
: $11,995


Frequency Response: 28Hz to 24kHz
Impedance: 4ohms nominal
Sensitivity: 87dB
Inputs: One set of copper binding posts
Woofer: 10″ Side Firing woofer
Midrange System: Dual 6” woofer
Treble System: 1” fabric dome tweeter
FootPrint: 9.25” x 18.25” x 45” H
Weight: 115 lbs

Company Website: EgglestonWorks