HiFi Is The Star On CBS This Morning: c/o Oswald’s Mill Audio (video)

Exposure. Typically, when you think about mature men and exposure, it’s not a good thing.

CBS This Morning paid Jonathan Weiss of Oswald’s Mill Audio and Fleetwood Sound Company a visit this Saturday where we got to learn a bit about his products and their production. It’s a rather short visit, but as you’ll see, it’s also sweet.

I’ll pull just a few quotes including this one where Jonathan speaks to production:

The slate’s from here. The wood’s from here. Our welding shop is right over there. The people who do water jet cutting, this is cut on a five-axis water jet machine by Mennonites. You’re sitting here on a treasure trove of both materials and human know-how and abilities.


What art is more intrinsic to the human condition than music? Everyone listens to music and makes music everywhere. But what we’ve done because of our culture is we’ve reduced music to something that is really just a pale shadow of what it was.

Jonathan Weiss is an interesting character. One of his homes, Oswald’s Mill, is located in a 200 year old mill in Eastern Pennsylvania which I had the pleasure of visiting many years ago for what Jonathan dubbed a Tube and Speaker Tasting. I wrote about this visit for 6moons:

So how good was the sound at the Mill? In a nutshell, the entire experience was fairly fucking amazing. I’m not talking about a particular component (how could I?) or anything to do with typical audiophilia. I’m talking about an experience. To be perfectly upfront, I’m beginning to grow very very weary of the number of reviewers (and I include forum posters) who insist that their particular vantage point somehow always offers them the ability to hear what’s best (or not) no matter the circumstance, no matter the length of time spent listening, no matter how familiar or unfamiliar the stuff is they’re listening to. As if we need to get there within every single review or show report, as if there is really any such thing as a best in audio to begin with. The reviewer’s Categorical Imperative condensed to a ‘best’ stamp of approval (or not) simultaneously stamps out the ability to enjoy outside one’s comfort zone.

that’s CBS News’ Jeff Glor’s first reaction to hearing music through an OMA system

Jonathan also shared that he doesn’t like to talk about the prices of his products:

we’re in a culture where price is the product. Where people go like, ‘It’s a ‘X hundreds of thousands of dollars thing,” and then that’s what it is. I don’t want that for this. I want people to look at this and go, like, ‘Wow. That’s cool looking. I wonder what it sounds like.

Jonathan Weiss

I’m always thrilled to see our hifi hobby featured in the mainstream media, especially when its a loving look at people and their passions.