Bluesound’s the HUB Adds Legacy Audio Sources to Your Bluesound Network

Bluesound, makers of very good sounding affordable network-capable gear, have announced the HUB that turns old school audio sources into network and multi-room ready devices on any Bluesound network.

Just plug an analog source’s RCA output into the HUB’s “Analog” input, your MM-equipped turntable’s output into the “Phono MM” input, and up to three digital sources (Coax, Optical, HDMi eARC) that support resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz, and the HUB makes them available through Bluesound’s BluOS app as multi-room ready sources.

Bluesound HUB with turntable and PULSE 2i connected

The number of possible scenarios are many but the above image shows one simple setup that sends the music contained on that record through the HUB, then over a wired or WiFi network, and out through the PULSE 2i speaker. Another scenario—instead of the PULSE, imagine that same record playing through a Bluesound POWERNODE ($949) driving your favorite speakers in another room. Or swap a CD player for the turntable…

Key Highlights of the Bluesound HUB:

Network Audio Source-sharing with BluOS™
Low-noise MM Phono Stage
Stereo Analog Line Input
Optical and Coaxial Digital Inputs
ARM® CORTEX™ A53 Processor
Dual-band Wi-Fi + Gigabit Ethernet
Powered by USB-C Power Adaptor
1U Rack Height, 1/3 Rack Width
Four-way Keyhole Mounting Slots
Front Panel Function Button
Black Finish

You can connect up to 4 HUBs to the same network for people with lots of gear in lots of rooms. Th Bluesound HUB retails for $319/each and is expected to begin shipping in mid-June.

Company Website: Bluesound