Axpona 2022: YG Acoustics Active Vantage Live System

Innuos hosted the YG Acoustics Active Vantage Live System that incorporates high tech from Cambridge Acoustic Sciences and Bel Canto Design in the Vantage Live’s advanced DSP crossover and bespoke amplification/controller respectively.

I reported on the Vantage Live system when it was first announced, so I’ll send you there (or to the YG website) for the nitty gritty. In essence, the Vantage System marries YG’s passive 3-way Vantage speakers with 700 Watt internal amplifiers and an outboard controller that acts as Roon-Ready/Qobuz/Tidal streamer, preamplifier, and MM/MC phono stage. The controller connects to the speakers via fiber optic cable.

An Innuos Statement Server (starts at $15,100 w/1TB internal SSD storage) served the bits to the Vantage controller sitting on the bottom shelf., while the Innuos PhoenixNET 4-Port Ethernet Switch ($3499) shuffled the bits.

This was another system I wish I had more time with, but initial impressions suggest more time would be more than welcome. Hmm….