Axpona 2022: Up Close with Avantgarde Active Trio G3s

That’s one half of the Avantgarde Acoustic Trio G3/iTron/Spacehorn Active Speaker system in the Presidential Suite Alexander and if I stretched my legs out from the couch where I sat and listened, I could nearly touch ’em.

Big speakers systems, especially really big horn speakers with big bass horns, strike me as needing room to breath. Room to merge.

That being said, I still enjoyed listening to the big G3s because they are float like a butterfly and sting like a bee fast, nuanced, and intimidatingly immediate. Boo! I’d love to hear them in a larger Barn-sized kinda space (wink). The iTron option gives you current-drive amplifiers for each driver and the full G3 package includes Roon-Ready streaming capabilities plus Tidal, Spotify, DLNA, and Apple AirPlay support.

Pricing: Trio G3 ($91,000/pair as passive speakers), Trio G3 iTron electronics package ($38,000/side), dual-driver SpaceHorn ($88,000/pair).