Axpona 2022: the Wrap

Axpona 2022 was a huge success. I had an embarrassing amount of pure unbridled fun and I was not alone.

Of course it was great to see many old friends after the long hibernation, and it was even greater to be reminded that this is an industry filled with delightful characters who share the common pursuit of joy through listening to music on the hifi.

My only regret, and its a big one, is all of the rooms I did not get to, many of which were on my must visit list. Time, at hifi shows, feels like its dictated by a giant hourglass that has one huge bulb on one end and a teeny tiny one on the other—as soon as the show begins, I’m already behind. My sincere apologies to all of the people and gear I missed.

As I hope was evident from my show coverage, I was inspired by many a room to share how they sounded because I experienced more great sounding rooms at Axpona 2022 than ever before. So bravo! to the organizers, exhibitors, and attendees for making Axpona 2022 a blast.

See you next year….