Axpona 2022: Stillpoints with Viola Audio & Rockport Technologies

When I heard that the Rockport Atria II speakers were playing in the Stillpoints room, I had to hear them, again.

I drove to Goodwin’s High End in Waltham, MA back in December to hear Rockport speakers and check out Goodwin’s for the first time, which you can read about in my Road Tour article.

For Axpona 2022, Stillpoints, purveyors of resonance control products, acoustic panels, and equipment racks, sat the Rockport Atria II on their Stillpoints Ultra 7 Isolation feet ($37,892/pair with Stillpoints Ultra 7s), which are specifically designed for Avalon, Wilson and Rockport speakers. Centered between is the new Stillpoints ESS Ultra Turntable Stand ($65,000), supporting, from the top down, a Wolf Audio Systems Alpha SX Music Server System ($10,495), Bricasti M1 SE MDX DAC ($10,000), Viola Audio Labs Sonata Two-Chassis Preamplifier ($33,800), and a Telos QRC Line Conditioner ($13,200). The Viola Cadence Stereo Amplifier sat on a Stillpoints Component stand w/Ulta 6’s ($6,095).

Unfortunately my visit did not coincide with a Stillpoints demo, so I cannot speak to the changes with and without their products. That said, this system, which was in one of the smaller rooms at Axpona, sounded crystal clear and effortless, something I’ve come to expect when Rockport speakers are in the mix.