Axpona 2022: Constellation Audio & Magico

Constellation Audio and Magico are one of hifi’s famous couples.

On display and in action for Axpona 2022 were Magico‘s flagship of the A-Series Model A5 Loudspeakers ($25,000/pair), a 3 way / 5 driver design, driven by the Constellation Taurus Power Amplifier ($29,000) and Constellation Pictor Linestage ($24,500) while an Aurender A20 Caching Music Server / Streamer / Preamplifier / MQA DAC/ Headphone Amplifier ($15,000) and that adorable Luxman D-N150 Disc spinner/DAC ($2695) took care of the front end.

Having now spent real time with the Constellation Inspiration Integrated 1.0 (review), I look forward to every opportunity I can get to hear more Constellation products. To my ears, they all share a clarity, ease, and refinement that makes listening to music an invitation to a timeless journey.