Axpona 2022: Audio Note

UK’s Audio Note has the show thing down.

Speakers in corners with ample toe-in? Check. Lovely tube amp sound? Check. Turntable + smooth ass digital? Check.

The final blow for show-goers is supplied by cellist Vincent Bélanger who plays along with recordings of himself live.

The system supporting Mr. Bélanger’s cello included Audio Note’s AN-E/D Loudspeakers ($6400/pair), Cobra Integrated Amplifier/DAC ($5450 review), CDT-One/II CD Transport ($4950), and R Zero/II Phono Preamp ($2000) all wired with Audio Note cables.

I am a fan of the Audio Note sound because their systems always manage to reproduce every recording in the best possible light. I suppose you can say I am biased toward hifi that seduces the listener into wanting to listen more.