Artists’ Books: Lin Zhipeng (No.223)

Lin Zhipeng’s, aka No.223, new photobook Flowers and Fruits is a feast for the eyes, passions, and soul(food).

From the publisher T&M Projects:

In his photography, Lin Zhipeng (aka No. 223) carves out a portrait of an alternative young Chinese generation which enjoys life with all its might, playful, arrogant, and empathetic. The photobook “Flowers and Fruits” presents a series by Zhipeng which focuses on the titular motifs of youth, beauty, energy and transience. In colorful, vibrant, he draws comparisons between bodies and fruit, sexuality and flowers, youth and bloom.

Flowers and Fruits offers up 176 pages of sweet kisses for the eyes.

Playful, sensual, and powerful. Yum.

Flowers and Fruits is the perfect accompaniment for a summer’s evening.

Flowers and Fruits is available from shashasha for $43.64 (basically free if you take value into account).