Album of the Week: Sneaks

Eva Moolchan sings and plays nearly everything on her new record Highway Hypnosis. While the music wanders through a number of styles, I find the ride completely enjoyable.

Tagged as “post-punk”, that classification doesn’t contain everything going on here. Hip-hop, dub, bass, synths, pop, and lots of repetition (words become mantra-like), Highway Hypnosis moves like a dancer and stings like a (honey) bee packing all that into 1- or 2-minute fairly minimal (go figure) songs.

Give the track “Holy Cow Never Saw a Girl Like Her” a listen, it’s a quick listen at 0:55, and see if that bass ‘n line don’t get things flowin’.  On second thought, give the entire album a listen and if you like what you hear, check out her other Sneaks records—2017’s It’s A Myth and her debut from 2016 Gymnastics for an even sparser sound.