Album of the Week: Snail Mail | Lush

Lindsey Jordan’s debut LP Lush, released on Matador in 2018, ranks among my favorite records. The end.

If you don’t know Snail Mail, jump right to the “buy” link and get Lush. If you need a nudge, check out Linday’s recently released single, “Valentine”, from her forthcoming record of the same name:

Pretty f’in’ amazing, no? I’ve listened to “Valentine” so many times in the days since its release, Matador had to upload a new file because I wore out the bits.

My (funny) Valentine pre-order is in, and I opted for the Snail Mail Store exclusive hot pink version.

But back to Lush, I hear in Lindsey Jordan’s voice a familiar yet foreign soul, someone who has lived longer than her days on Earth suggest (she was 19 when Lush was released). She also plays a mean guitar. In Lush, I hear perfectly constructed songs — guitar/vocals/bass/drums — that take me back to my youth spent feeling like an upended turtle endlessly spinning on a microwave platter.