Album of the Week: Lomelda | Hannah

I was reminded of how much I love Hannah Read as Lomelda’s Hannah when it appeared on a number of Best of 2020 lists. It should have been on mine.

In the age of instant dissatisfaction, you’d think that relatively simple, subtle, quiet, beautiful records would get lost in the cacophony shuffle but thankfully it just ain’t so. 2020 saw any number of such gems drop from the likes of Adrianne Lenker, Ana Roxanne, Waxahatchee, and Phoebe Bridgers and if you like any or all of those, add Hannah to your list.

Hannah Read’s voice is lilting whimsical and comfortably relaxed creating a welcoming warmth assisted to charming heights by the backing band. Then there’s the words (from “Hannah Sun”):

Sinking in again, it’s forever now
Glad you held her, glad you held him
Glad you held me too, though I didn’t know how
To be closer to you

Shadowed by the blue, am I shining?
I am trying to shine

Hannah, do no harm

Do no harm. The simplest desires often represent the loftiest goals.