Album of the Week: Destroyer | LABYRINTHITIS

One of things I like about Destroyer’s LABYRINTHITIS is how its shape shifts more often than leaf shadows on a windy day.

I also enjoy LABYRINTHITIS‘ ultra-pop sensibilities, something I typically don’t enjoy, because Dan Bejar seems adept at twisting and turning hook after hook with fluid ease. And the band sounds more than up for the task while Producer John Collins mixes all the parts with super-rich ripeness.

The band:

Dan Bejar: vocals, synth, guitar
Ted Bois: piano, synth
Nicolas Bragg: guitar
David Carswell: guitar
JP Carter: trumpet
John Collins: bass, synth, guitar, drum programming
Joshua Wells: drums, percussion

If you grew up in the later 1970’s/80’s era, or enjoy the brighter moments of its music, LABYRINTHITIS will feel at once familiar yet fresh, a wonderful combination for the sonic explorer.