Two New Orangutans Coming From DeVore Fidelity: A Sneak Peak

It’s not every day that two new Orangutans join the DeVore congress (that’s what a group of Orangutans are called, a congress).

preparatory sketches by John DeVore

As their name suggests, the O/Baby, pictured in the opening image and below, are smaller than the DeVore O/93, which are smaller than the O/96. But like these other Orangutans, the O/Baby are a two-way design with a .75-inch tweeter, first developed for the O/Reference speakers, and 6.5″ mid-woofer that was also the result of previous product development.

pre-production DeVore Fidelity O/Baby’s

The rear-ported cabinet measures 14.75 x 23 x 9.5″ and will come finished in family style with a dark grey cabinet and one standard finish for the front face of the plywood baffle. Custom veneers will be an option for an upcharge (TBD).

The O/Baby can sit on optional and handsome wood stands ($ TBD), elevating them to optimal in room ear height.

Joining the O/Baby in an even more compact 10″ cubed package, is the upcoming DeVore Fidelity micr/O. Employing the same drivers as the O/Baby optimized for this size sealed enclosure, the smallest of the Orangutans can happily exist on a shelf among your favorite books and records. The micro/O will come in one standard finish, and look very much like the pre-production sample pictured above (donut not included).

Pricing is not finalized, but DeVore expects the O/Baby to come in under $5,000/pair without stands, with the micr/O coming in less than that.

Company Website: DeVore Fidelity

For more information on the new DeVore O/Baby speakers, check out Rafe Arnott’s excellent interview with John DeVore on Resistor Magazine.