Twittering Machines Patreon Video: A Sampling

I started releasing monthly videos for Patrons back in November in a few varieties: Unboxing, Barn Things, and Further Thoughts. The first two types cover everything from LPs to books to (art) objects, while the last offers further thoughts on hifi.

Here, for your viewing pleasure (I hope), is my Unboxing Video #3. I thought it was time to share a taste of this work with a larger audience and this one seemed like a good place to begin as its the most in-depth video to date, touching on a few favorite topics.

Note: I have comments turned off on my fledgling YouTube channel and they will remain off when I begin releasing hifi-related videos to the general public in the near future. Why disable comments? Have you read the comments under YouTube videos?


A word about Patreon—a number of readers have asked me about Patreon along the lines of What is Patreon? In a nutshell, Patreon is a platform where content creators—musicians, writers, etc—share content that is exclusive to Patrons. Patrons, or members, are people who enjoy the content created by a Creator(s) and show their support through a monthly payment. Typically Content Creators offer various levels of patronage. TM offers four levels beginning at $5.00/month.

If you enjoy Twittering Machines and the work I do here, please consider becoming a Patron.

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