totaldac Releases Two New DACs Into The Wild

Vincent Brient, Mr. totaldac, has been busy, releasing not one but two new DACs—the d1-twelve-mk2 and the d1-direct. According to Vincent, the d1-twelve-mk2 improves on the original d1-twelve by using “new techniques from the d1-direct and d1-seven DACs” . The d1-direct, as its name suggests, has direct outputs from the R2R ladders just like the d1-twelve.

In terms of totaldac hierarchy, the 3-box (monoblock DACs + reclocker) d1-twelve-mk2 (29,900euros excl VAT) sits at the top while the new d1-direct (17,450euros excl VAT) along with the d1-seven (17,450euros excl VAT) are tied for second. Based on my experience, there’s no such thing as a totaldac that does not turn binary data into beautiful sounding music but there are certainly differences to be heard between models.

As an ecstatic d1-seven owner, I have to wonder, out loud, what these new DACs bring to the table.  Yea, I have a big appetite.