This Is Going To Get Expensive: The New Roon Radio

In just the first few hours of playing with the new Roon, I’ve saved more than 10 albums to my Library from Tidal. How’d I learn about all of this great, new (to me) music? The new Roon Radio. That’s how.

There are few things I love more than finding new music but I’m going to have to add the new Roon Radio to that list. With the most recent update, Roon 1.6 released today, Roon Radio now pulls from within and from outside your library as long as you have a subscription to Tidal (I do) or Qobuz (not yet). If you do, Roon delves into these millions of albums catalogs and pulls forth music it thinks you’ll like. So far the new Roon Radio is batting damn-near 1000%.

I started with Eartheater’s IRISIRI in its entirety after which the new Roon Radio took over. Here are the top 10 (so far) new bands I’ve discovered and saved to my library for further exploration.

  1. Liberez
  2. Winter Family
  3. Tomoko Sauvage
  4. Suffering Hour
  5. Mark McGuire
  6. Dead Sea
  7. Paul Haig
  8. Damien Dubrovnik
  9. Cindy Lee
  10. Powerdove

This is going to get expensive [footnote 1].

1. When I find music I like and listen to over and over on Tidal, I buy it.