The Florida Audio Expo Is On

The Florida Audio Expo is set to roll this weekend, from Friday to Sunday at the Embassy Suites Westshore in sunny Tampa, Florida. Pack some sunscreen.

With over 150 exhibitors listed on the list, the Expo promises lots to see and hear, with 12 floors of rooms to duck in and out of.

Among the World Premiers debuting in the sunshine state are the new flagship MBL 101 X-Treme MKII Radialstrahler loudspeaker system, the Perlisten R7t Tower Speakers which I’ve been enjoying in Barn and recommend you lend an ear, Perlisten Audio S7T (special edition) Tower Speakers (my Favorite Speaker of the Year for 2021), and the English Acoustics Stereo 41c amplifier.

the Perlisten R7t

In our unfortunate current reality, the Expo has also posted their COVID-19 Policy which recommends attendees mask up, but this will only be a requirement for certain rooms. So if you want to see everything, pack a mask. The Expo also asks that attendees take a home COVID test prior to attending, and if everyone shows up with those test results I’ll eat my White’s Boots raw on camera.

Stay safe!

Show Website: Florida Audio Expo