The Analog Domain: A Public Service Announcement

In hifi we strive for the same goal — namely the reproduction of music in as captivating a manner as possible.

Some people, like hifi designers, live in the world in between the recording and the sound, while others, like reviewers and listeners, mainly live in the world of sound. The analog domain, so to speak. Of course there are those non-designers who enjoy concerning themselves with what goes on in between, but even the strongest of opinions from this group are about as effective on any outcome as a fortune teller describing yesterday.

The thing about things is they are what they are. I think Heidegger said that.

As much as we love to dig into the technical details of a given piece of hifi gear and make pointed points about design and parts choice, no one knows better than the designer what design choices mean in relation to the ultimate goal. While joeaudiophile666 may believe that a certain DAC chip, opamp, transformer, speaker driver, etc. is responsible for how a piece of hifi kit sounds, the only way to know for sure is to dig into the design and begin replacing parts, down to every last one. Something most of us in the analog world never do. Ever.

This all boils down to the fact that most people without a hand in the circuit are mostly guessing when it comes to attributing outcomes to insides.