Soundsmith’s New Solid State Power Tubes: MOSTUBE ONE

Same great taste, less filling.

Soundsmith, as you most likely already know, is well known and well respected for their analog products including a line of phono cartridges and the Strain Gauge preamps. The company has announced a total of 7 new products for High End Munich 2023 that somewhat surprisingly, to me, includes the MOSTUBE ONE.

Soundsmith is proud to introduce the “MOSTUBE ONE” – a long lived solid state replacement for the most popular power vacuum tubes. Many years of development have resulted in this device, featuring extreme stability, automatic matching, no adjustment required, “tube” like sonics (2nd order products) with an automatic 30-50% power increase for your amplifier. Replaces the 6550, KT66 through KT150, EL34, 6L6 and more. No more wondering if your power tubes are failing due to age, or damage to your amplifier from internal tube failure.

At this point, that’s all I know about the MOSTUBE, so we’ll have to wait for pricing, availability, and details. I will add that the idea of a drop-in solid state replacement for vacuum tubes isn’t a new idea (it just doesn’t seem like a very popular one).

Schiit Audio offer the LISST Solid State Tube ($50/ea.), that pack two depletion-mode MOSFETs, together with minimal support circuitry to protect them against static, and to set the gain necessary for our products. There are a bunch of solid state replacements for rectifiers tubes (5AR4, 5U4, 5Y3) targeting guitar amps but for hifi gear, and power tubes specifically, the pickings are slim. Think MOSTUBE.

I suppose the MOSTUBE and LISST are aimed at people who, for some reason unknown to me, want to replace the tubes in their tube gear with solid state devices that may, or may not, sound like tubes.

Company Website: Soundsmith