Radio Paradise MQA Comes To BluOS

Internet radio host Radio Paradise will start streaming hi-res MQA content through BluOS devices come April 2021.

This marks the first Internet radio station to stream MQA content, which is currently limited to BluOS devices from Bluesound, NAD, DALI, PSB, Roksan, Peachtree, and Monitor Audio. My, how the BluOS family has grown.

Radio Paradise, a listener-supported internet radio station, currently offers four streams: Rock Mix, World/Etc Mix, Mellow Mix, and Main Mix, a combination of the three. The company reports a library of over 16,000 active play songs from a library of over 1M with 135,000 registered members.

For those sheltering in place for the past decade or so, MQA stands for Master Quality Authenticated, which is both a company, MQA Ltd., and an audio codec. In a nutshell, MQA applies a compression algorithm to music files to reduce their file size. In the process, the company claims sound quality improvements as compared to the original file.