News: GigaFOILv4-INLINE Ethernet Filter Launches!

Readers of Twittering Machines with an eye for detail or old-time readers of AudioStream may be familiar with the DJM Electronics GigaFOILv4–INLINE Ethernet filter. I reviewed a prototype version back in March 2018 and I use one in my system. I just got word from DJM’s Steve McNally that they are ready to roll and available beginning today after completing full regularly review.

Here’s what DJM says about the GigaFOILv4:

The GigaFOILv4–INLINE is the newest generation of the FOIL™ brand of Ethernet filters. Based on patented Fiber Optic Isolation Link (“FOIL”) technology, the GigaFOILv4–INLINE utilizes fiber optics and specially designed circuitry to prevent 99.99999999% of electromagnetic interference (“EMI”) from passing through the filter. The filter covers a frequency range of below 14kHz to beyond 18GHz and does not require a passband, meaning the only signal passing through the filter is the clean digital Ethernet signal.

With an insertion loss of 100dB from 14kHz to 18GHz, the GigaFOILv4–INLINE is the most effective inline Ethernet filter available. This makes the GigaFOILv4-INLINE ideal for situations where there is a requirement to reduce EMI on Ethernet cables from degrading analog signals within the same piece of equipment (eg streaming music to high-end DACs) or EMI is interfering with the proper operation of sensitive equipment (eg CNC Machines or Ethernet controlled industrial equipment).

Typical Performance

Shielding Effectiveness
100dB from 10kHz to 10GHz

Insertion Loss
100dB from 10kHz to 10GHz

Conducted/Radiated Emissions

Exceeds MIL-STD-461 CE102
Exceeds MIL-STD-461 RE102
Exceeds FCC Part 15 A, B
Exceeds EN 55022 Class A, B

Here’s what I said about the GigaFOIL in my review:

As I said, these changes were not on the level of changing a component but I welcomed the improvements the GigaFOILv4 made in every connectivity scenario I ran it through, which can be summed up by saying music sounds more natural, more relaxed, and less digital.

Let’s face it—no one wants their music to sound digital.

The GigaFOILv4-INLINE is available for US$550 each + shipping and handling directly from DJM Electronics.