Montréal Audiofest 2022

Let the shows begin.

The Montréal Audiofest takes place this weekend, from Friday (March 25) – Sunday (March 27), at its usual home in the Hôtel Bonaventure Montréal. With over 100 exhibitors and 300 brands represented, the show promises plenty to see and hear. Here, here!

While I won’t be there, I had the pleasure of attending a Montreal hifi show back when it was called Le Festival Son et Image, and as my haircut, color, beard length and eyeglasses would have it, a number of people mistook me for Art Dudley, who was there covering the show for Stereophile. I was showered with praise, warmth, and real gushing affection from some of Art’s adoring readers as I wandered the halls. One exhibitor saw me eating lunch at the hotel restaurant where he proceeded to reprimand me for not coming by his room and he suggested, rather forcefully, I do so directly after my  sandwich. “I’m not Art Dudley” was my response to which Mr. Exhibitor said, “Oh. Real funny, Art.” in a tone that made it clear he wasn’t amused in the least. So I held up my name tag that was hanging around my neck, stretching the lanyard to get the tag as close to his face as possible and repeated, “I’m not Art.” He walked away, flustered.

Visit the Montréal Audiofest website for all the details.