Melco Adds the Flagship N1-S38 Digital Music Library to Its Roster

News from Japan: Melco Audio has launched the N1-S38, an all-new flagship SSD-based digital music library offering the best sonic performance in the company’s history.

The new Melco N1-S38 builds on the company’s now familiar Digital Music Library framework that includes the N50-S38, which I reviewed last year. The N1-S38 offers a number of upgraded parts from the small—robust die-cast Amphenol USB ports, precision Neutrik RJ45 connectors, an SFP port for direct fibre connection, and a switchable 10 MHz external clock input—to the bigger—a totally new set of system electronics, a new mainboard, plus a new mains transformer, supply and local regulators—to even bigger—Melco’s all-new casework which benefits from highly stable chassis construction centred around a robust 3 mm stainless steel base plate to minimise unwanted vibration.

The N1-S38 also houses an audio-specific custom 3.84 TB SSD drive, which benefits from Melco’s proprietary layered, rigid SSD mounter along with more on-board memory as compared to older models. As is the case with N50-38, the N1-S38 can also function as a Roon Endpoint feeding a DAC via its USB Audio out, while a second RJ45 port marked “Player” is meant to connect to your Network Player/Streamer of choice.

Hand-made in Japan, the N1-S38 is available from Luxman America priced at $11,995 and comes in black or silver.

Company Website: Melco Audio