Meet Almira: Lowther’s First New Speaker in 30 Years

Lowther Loudspeaker Systems Ltd. released its first speaker in 1934, a decade in the making. The sleeping giant of single driver fame has awakened once more with the Almira, their first new speaker in 3 decades.

The Almira employ Lowther’s DX3 full range driver paired with a handmade 20mm dome super tweeter in a classic quarter-wave Voigt horn with a floor-facing exit. The Almira is made from responsibly sourced Birch plywood and comes in a number of veneer options including a very limited edition Rosewood.

the very limited edition Rosewood veneer

“The Almira is the first new speaker Lowther has designed in over 30 years,” says Lowther’s managing director, Martin Thornton. “We wanted to make a statement that Lowther is back whilst acknowledging and embracing our heritage. We believe horn-loaded loudspeakers present the highest level of musical reproduction and with Almira, we are addressing the challenges of modern digital re-production without sacrificing the traditional Lowther values.”

The Lowther Almira are sold in numbered pairs with a retail price starting at £12,000.

Company Website: Lowther Loudspeakers