Marquee Marauders Club: Action Figures For Music Geeks!

I am a music geek! and I have a thing for off-beat action figures. Enter Marquee Marauders Club.

MMC is the brain child of Jacob Adam Alvarez, who holds the opinion that concerts and hearing live music is the greatest thing a person can experience. Who am I to argue?

Jacob has combined his love of music (and film) with his love of bootleg action figures:

I love to make bootleg action figures of movies and music-related subjects that I think deserve to be immortalized in that way. I have had the opportunity to work with so many artists that can appreciate my work such as King Krule, FKA Twigs, Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop), The Neighbourhood, Christian Coppola, Valentino (Brand), Elara Pictures, Planned Parenthood, Deerhunter, Turnover, Clairo, and have sent many pieces to countless others. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for helping me achieve this and I look forward to creating more with each day.

Here are a few of my favorites from Jacob’s fertile mind and careful hands.

These are (very) limited hand-made editions so they don’t seem to be available for too long. From the above selection, only Mazzy Star, from an edition of 1/1, is still up for grabs at $129.99.

Head on over to Marquee Marauders Club and have a look around. Be sure to check out the Marquee Museum! I bet you smile more than once.

That sweet Arlo Parks figure is only available through a contest sponsored by Rough Trade