Lavorgna Goes To The Darko Side

As part of my re-entry into being a full-time audiophile, I am very happy to share that I will be contributing reviews to Darko.Audio.

portrait of Darko from RMAF 2018

Darko and I are more than colleagues, we’re friends, and we happen to think alike on many hifi topics. That’s not to say we don’t disagree, but when we do it’s done in an agreeable manner (cursing aside).

I’ve been following Darko’s work for years, the site launched 10 years ago!, and to my way of thinking Darko.Audio represents the best in modern media hifi coverage with professionally produced video, Podcasts, and the well-written word. Bravo! I am proud to be on board.

Keep an eye out for my inaugural review coming very soon on Darko.Audio.