Classic Albums: Jean Dubuffet, Expériences Musicales

“Certain unexpected windfalls … come of improvising on an instrument one doesn’t really know how to use.” ~ Jean Dubuffet

The thing about Art Brut / Naïve Art / Outsider Art is, once the insiders latch onto it, it becomes insider art. The anointing moment signals the beginning of the end.


But not so for perpetual insider on the outside Dubuffet and his music in this recently abridged Finders Keepers’ LP release which remains wildly outside.

You want me on that wall. You need me on that wall.

Here Dubuffet and fellow artist Asger Jorn attack unfamiliar instruments including saxophone, bassoon, detuned piano, hurdy-gurdy, cabrette, and bombarde to create musical experiences the likes of which you’ve only nightmared about.

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