Innuos Goes SSD with the ZENmini S

I’m a fan of SSDs in small form factor music servers, especially when they look like someone paid attention to industrial design. The new Innuos ZENmini S checks all boxes.

The ZENmini S replaces the ZENmini’s HDD with an audiophile-grade solid-state drive (SSD) while increasing the system RAM from 4GB to 8G, all based on customer demand. Nice. ZENmini mk2 and mk3 owners can opt for the SSD and RAM upgrade beginning in early 2023.

Like its HDD brethren, the ZENmini S can function as a CD Ripper using the front mounted TEAC slot-loading drive, NAS and Streamer while offering digital (USB, Coax, Optical) and analog outputs from its internal 24-bit/192kHz capable DAC. The ZENmini S supports Qobuz, Tidal, Radio Paradise, and Internet Radio via the Innuos Sense App or any UPnP app, and/or it can act as both a Roon Server and Roon Endpoint. Nice.

The Innous ZENmini S is available now for $2049 with 1TB of SSD storage, $2299 with 2TB of SSD storage, and $2649 with 4TB of SSD storage.

Company Website: Innous