In Barn for Review: Qln Prestige Five Loudspeakers

The Qln Prestige Five is a 2.5 way floorstanding speaker, employing a proprietary mid-woofer, dedicated woofer, and 2mm soft dome tweeter in a cabinet that has a noticeable rear leaning rake, designed to align the output of the drivers in the time domain when music hits your ears.

Standing 39.5″ tall and a slender 8.2″ wide, the sleek looking Qln Prestige Five’s frequency response reaches down to 26 Hz (-3dB) according to the company, which makes them full range in my book. An attached amplifier is presented with a 89dB-sensitive, 4-ohm load so you’ll want to bring some power to the Prestige Five party.

Around back reside a pair of WBT Nextgen speaker terminals and a badge stating, “Designed and Manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden”, and two rear firing ports.

From the company:

Every part of the speaker has one thing in common – non-resonant behavior. From connectors, cables, crossover components, speaker drivers, the cabinet, and even the damping feet are all characterized by non-resonant behavior. This suppresses disruptive noise, vastly improving dynamics and preserving silence between tones as a result of the low noise floor.

We’ll just have to see (hear) about that! Stay tuned.

Qln Prestige Five Loudspeakers
Price: $17,500 (in standard finishes, $20,000 in Piano Burl Walnut as pictured in Barn)


Impedance: 4 ohms
Tweeter: 25mm wide surround, Air-Circ magnet, soft dome
Mid-Woofer: 184mm Kevlar® cone, under-hung magnet system
Woofer: 184mm hard cone, under-hung magnet system
Sensitivity: 89dB SPL 1 Watt 1m
Low frequency performance: -3dB 26Hz
Cabinet: Qboard® Technology
Terminal: Single wire, WBT Nextgen®
Dimensions: (HxWxD): 1000x210x600mm (cabinet), 1054x315x650mm (with feet)
Weight: 41,0 kg each
Finish: Walnut Piano, Walnut matte, White satin

Company Website: Qln
US Distributor Website: Well Pleased A|V