In Barn for Review: Clones Audio 25iRX Integrated Amplifier

I included a ruler in the picture of the Clones Audio 25iRX Integrated Amplifier ($1975) so you can appreciate its atypical size and lovely proportions.

The 25iRX is a re-worked and improved version of Taiwan-based Clones Audio’s 25i Integrated Amplifier which are Gainclone designs as the amplifier circuit is based on the simply elegant 47 Labs Model 4706 Gaincard Amplifier. The amplifier stage relies on a single Texas Instruments LM3886 chip amp per channel while the preamplifier section of the 25iRX is based on the company’s own AP2 Preamplifier. Output power is rated at 30 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms and doubles down into 4 Ohms.

Three line level RCA inputs, two sets of 5-way binding posts, a power switch, and IEC inlet are found on the unit’s back side.

The 25iRX’s 190mm(W) X 170mm(D) X 130mm (H) aluminum chassis sits on a nice slab of wood which sits on three feet and there’s a matching wood inlay around the volume control knob which also acts as input selector when depressed. The included remote performs these same functions.


Output power: 30W+30W (8ohms) / 60W+60W (4ohms)
Input impedance: 100k (unbalanced only, 3 inputs)
Gain: 30dB
Dimensions: 190mm(W) X 170mm(D) X 130mm (H)
Weight: 6.0kg
2 year warranty

Company Website: Clones Audio
US Distributors Website: Well Pleased A/V