Icing On The Axpona Cake

I always wanted to do this but I never got around to actually doing it. Well, all that’s changed because I just did it.

The idea that typically comes to me during the return flight home is this—why didn’t I see a concert? Right? Why not look to see who’s playing near a show venue and, well, just go. I did some pre-flight Googleing and there were two shows in Chicago taking place during the show dates that called to me—Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. and Aldous Harding.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Acid Mothers live so I know that even with the bestest ear protection, their volume levels exceed even the bestest ear protection. So that pretty much ruled them out. Sigh.

Aldous Harding’s Party from 2017 remains a favorite record and her new music is equally compelling and damn quirky. I love damn quirky. For example:

The concert takes place on Sunday night making it the perfect show closer and a lovely reminder of the end game of this wonderful hifi hobby [footnote 1].

1. The end game I’m referring to is the enjoyment of music. I am absolutely not, repeat not, suggesting that the purpose of hifi is to reproduce a live event. For starters, I’ve never seen a hifi that looks like Aldous Harding.