High End Munich 2022 As Recorded By totaldac

Were you, like me, unable to attend the Munich show this year? Would you still like to get a taste? Whet your beak in the sounds and rooms of High End?

Vincent Brient of totaldac has you covered. Vincent brought along a high quality recording rig and went to select rooms and recorded the sound of music. Of course a recording isn’t the same thing as being there, but this is an interesting take nonetheless.

From totaldac:

Many large rooms have been recorded by Totaldac during the High End show 2022 using high quality microphones with true 20Hz bandwidth.

This allows you to listen to many rooms using a given headphone, and all these rooms have been recorded using the same equipment, so you can compare and make your own opinion.
Note that a real saxophone has also been recorded, giving you an idea of the quality of the recording system.

The volume is not normalised because absolutely no processing has been done to audio recording, so the volume of your headphone should be adjusted for each track.

Depending on the time of the day, some rooms are full of people and some are empty, this changes the reverberation time inside the rooms.

Without further ado, some sights and sounds of High End Munich: