HiFi Bargains: Audia Flight FL Three S Integrated Amplifier

Most mornings I wake up with a song playing in my head.

The reason some selections show up is obvious having recently heard them but others come from the deep vaults of memory making their reappearance a surprise, a little mystery as to why they’re playing on this very morning.

I prefer to let the mystery remain but I bring this daily phenomena up because some pieces of hifi gear that leave here also leave a lasting impression—I continue to think about them long after they’re gone.

One such recent piece of kit is the Audia Flight FL Three S integrated amp (review). Which brings me to another kind of mystery—why isn’t Audia Flight spoken of in the same way people talk about Parasound or Pass Labs? To my way of hearing, the two Audia Flight integrated amplifiers I’ve reviewed, the FL Three S and the more upscale FLS 10 (review), are on par with the fine integrated amplifiers from these fine companies while offering aspects of performance that has me preferring the Italian-made amps for their lovely mix of smooth power, control, nimbleness and harmonic rightness. And that bass!

The Audia Flight FL Three S, that offers 100 Watts of power on tap (into 8 Ohms), left here last October but I still think about it (and the FLS 10) and its combination of strengths that also include impeccable build quality. The other thing that makes the FL Three S a stunner is its price, coming in just under $4,000 for the integrated amp alone version (you can opt to add a DAC and Phono module).

From my review of the FL Three S:

The Audia Flight offers a seamless sound, richly textured and vividly colored with tons of control and earth-shaking bass when called for. As I was finishing up this review I took a look at my list of Favorite Amplifiers and didn’t see anything near the FL Three S’ price that offers as complete a package.

When I add all of these things up, I find myself thinking about the Audia Flight FL Three S as a genuine HiFi Bargain of the first order.

Audia Flight FL Three S Integrated Amplifier
Price: $3999, w/DAC $4548, w/Phono $4498, w/DAC and Phono $5047
Company Website: Audia Flight
US Importer Website: Fidelity Imports


Output power (Watts RMS) @ 8/4 ohm: 100/160W
Amplifier stage gain: 26dB
Frequency response (@1 Watt RMS; -3db): 1Hz – 450kHz
Slew Rate (@ 8 Ohm): >80V/µS
THD: <0,05%
S/N ratio>: 95dB
Unbalanced input impedance: 51kOhm, 150pF
Balanced input impedance: 30kOhm
Stand-by power consumption: less than 1W
Maximum power consumption: 400W
Dimensions and weight: 450 x 110 x 430mm (W x H x D), 16,5 kg
Shipping dimensions and weight: 550 x 250 x 580mm (W x H x D), 18,5kg