Haruki Murakami T-Shirts!

Dress for literary success!

Music-loving author Haruki Murakami has teamed up with everyman clothier Uniqlo to deliver a line of Murakami-designed Ts. There are eight designs in total featuring some of the author’s favorite things like birds and cats and quotes.

Hmm. I have a few favorite Murakami quotes but I suppose they’re a bit long for all but XXXL. From South of the Border, West of the Sun:

Shimamoto was in charge of the records. She’d take one from its jacket, place it carefully on the turntable without touching the grooves with her fingers, and, after making sure to brush the cartridge free of any dust with a tiny brush, lower the needle ever so gently onto the record. When the record was finished, she’d spray it and wipe it with a felt cloth. Finally she’d return the record to its jacket and its proper place on the shelf. Her father had taught her this procedure, and she followed his instructions with a terribly serious look on her face, her eyes narrowed, her breath held in check. Meanwhile, I was on the sofa, watching her every move. Only when the record was safely back on the shelf did she turn to me and give a little smile. And every time, this thought hit me: It wasn’t a record she was handling. It was a fragile soul inside a glass bottle.

Murakami T-Shirts will be available online + in stores on 3/15  from Uniqlo.

For meta-lovers, you can wear your new Murakami T while reading Murakami T: The T-Shirts I Love, which is filled with photos and an essay about, well, you get the idea. On sale from Knopf November 16, 2021.