Ellsworth Kelly Stamps from the USPS

EllsworthKelly2019- Pane-Liner-v8

Fortunately, I am not a stamp collector [footnote 1]. But…

I do pay attention to the stamps I buy to use. My non-permanent collection is comprised of stamps honoring Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Duke Kahanamoku (a favorite), and Martin Ramirez (a favorite).

I happen to love, love love, the work of Ellswoth Kelly so I’ll be adding his honorary stamps to my non-permanent collection.

Ellsworth Kelly stamps

Get yours from the USPS for $11.00/sheet of 20. Or, pick up one of Kelly’s works at auction for a few cool million (word is his work is still undervalued).

1. I easily could be a stamp collector but I try to show some restraint. “Some” being the unfortunate part.