Devon Turnbull’s Ojas Is Now the Exclusive North America Distributor of Sun Audio

There’s all kinds of news. There’s good news, just news, bad news, and really good news. This, is great news—Devon Turnbull’s Ojas is now the exclusive North America distributor of Sun Audio. (!)

Back in the day, somewhere in the neighborhood of the early 2000s, I bought a Sun Audio SV-300BE. It was my first SET amp and I loved, loved, loved it. And then I sold it for an “upgrade”. Yes, I had the disease too, which caused me to do something stupid—sell something I loved for something I thought I might love more. Call me old fashioned, but the SV-300BE could have been my amp for life.

photo credit Ojas

Sun Audio has been around even longer, founded in March of 1980 selling TAMURA transformers and offering design and development of pro audio systems. In 1989 Sun Audio released their first kit amplifiers for the home audio market—the SV-2A3, SV-KT88 and SV-300BE.

The first amp to hit the Ojas online store will be the SV-300BE, sold in kit form, beginning next Tuesday, October 24, at 10am. I imagine the time is specified because there are other people like me who’ve been waiting for the opportunity to buy, or re-buy (sigh), a Sun Audio SV-300Be.

Devon Turnbull/Ojas at Lisson Gallery

You may know about Devon and Ojas from his Artbook Shelf Speaker, available on the Ojas website, or from his amazing exhibit at the Lisson Gallery last summer. As I said in the intro to that article, Context is key, a point some audiophiles completely missed, as showing a complete hifi system in a group show of contemporary sculpture adds meaning that a hifi show or dealer showroom doesn’t.

Here’s the whole Ojas/Sun Audio story from Devon:

I am thrilled to announce that Ojas is now the exclusive North America distributor of Sun Audio.

Since 1989, the Sun Audio SV series has been an iconic range of Single Ended Triode amplifiers. You would be hard pressed to find a list of the top SET amplifiers at any time that doesn’t include Sun Audio.

We are offering these products in kit form, and I think this is a really exciting opportunity and step forward for the growing DIY audio culture in America.

The use of Single Ended Triode amplifiers in home HiFi is a concept that originated in Japan, and continues to symbolic of that culture. They are also an essential part of the Ojas formula. But SET amp options are very limited outside of Japan.

Second generation tube amp builder, Mitsuru Uchida, sources only the finest boutique parts available in Japan, including the exclusive use of Tamura potted transformers.

photo credit Ojas

The first amplifier kit that we’re offering is the SV300BE. It’s an iconic SET amp that runs the most iconic triode, the 300B. Am I over using the word “iconic”? Because there’s no more iconic tube than the Western Electric 300B, and we’re offering as a premium option included with the amp.

This is a high end, point to point wired amplifier. The kit includes all of the parts you will need to complete the project, a schematic and detailed assembly instructions.

Working on high voltage tube amplifiers is dangerous and you should educate yourself and take precautions to work safely. If this is intimidating to you, we will be offering a limited number of workshops in our new NYC classroom at 28 Greene St, to walk participants through the build process and teach you about how a single ended triode amplifier works.

I have personally owned several Sun Audio amps in the course of my audio quest, and I have recommended them to many of my customers. This could be the last amp you ever own.

Look for the Sun Audio SV300BE on, dropping next Tuesday, October 24 at 10am.

Company Website: Sun Audio
North America Distributor Website: Ojas


SV-300BE Kit: $3,500 with PSVANE 300B & 6SN7
+$999 to upgrade the Western Electric 300B
$400 NYC workshop, limited number