CAF 2021: Final Thoughts

Hifi is a mostly solitary sport. We sit, we listen. Sharing these experiences in story can be about as interesting as listening to someone describe their 3-hour dream involving lost socks and huge snakes.

But this doesn’t mean that people who enjoy spending time listening to music are loners. Or freaks.

Capital Audiofest 2021 was a resounding success on every level. The crowds were good, and even better than good on Saturday, there were plenty of great sounding systems to experience covering the broad gamut of approaches that make our hifi hobby so…human, and the overall mood was one of shared excitement to be back. Back among like-minded friends where we can let our freak flags fly.

Saturday night’s band featuring Anthony Pirog on guitar, was exceedingly great

A huge thank you to show founder and organizer Gary Gill & Co. for putting on a safe and wonderful event in these otherwise troubled times.

It’s good to be back. Cheers.