Axpona 2024 Coverage: Preamble

My approach to covering a show the size of Axpona 2024 is the same way I approach a meal at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

I’m selective. Which is also to say I’m not all inclusive so let me apologize up front to all the exhibitors whose rooms I wasn’t able to get to as I understand this past weekend represents an investment with much time and energy spent pre-, during-, and post-show. And while we’re here, I find it nearly unfathomable how some grown men, or so they appear, can show complete disregard for other people’s work and time by never shutting up in rooms—even when a presentation is in process!—and even worse loudly commenting on the sound as if their opinion is worth sharing to anyone within earshot. Hint: it’s not because we go to shows to form our own opinions.

Warning: Old Man Gripe. If you have lots of lighting gear to set up to shoot a video, ask first or schedule the shoot. This is called common courtesy, a concept that appears to be in shorter supply with each passing day. Harrumph!

There are any number of factors that draw me into a room, just as there are some that keep me out. The opening image and this one (above) are from one of four rooms hosted by Geshelli Labs and I give all of their rooms a big Bravo! for presentation which is an important factor in my book.

Zodiac Suite by Mary Lou Williams (left) courtesy of Bea Lam (VTL) and Angels & Queens – Part I by Gabriels courtesy of Jeff Catalano (High Water Sound)

Other room attraction factors include gear I’m interested in hearing because a) I know it and like it, b) there’s something new from a company I know and like, c) buzz, d) music (*cuts both ways), and e) fun. Music cuts both ways because I go to some rooms—like High Water Sound, DeVore Fidelity, VTL, Vinnie Rossi, and Grimm Audio (with JP Lizars doing the music selection), Treehaus Audiolab—in part because I know I’m going to hear interesting music, some of which will more than likely be new to me (a favorite treat).

On the other side of the sword, some music will drive me from a room faster than a coal train.

For this year’s Axpona coverage, I’m going to post my favorite rooms and lots of photos. Stay tuned!