Album of the Week: Z.O.A / BORIS | Refrain

If you want a perfect slice of searching searing guitar laden sound, look no further than Z.O.A and BORIS’ collaborative effort Refrain. And I do mean perfect.

To my mind, this single track 12″ unfolds like a film with one helluva climax. Japanese avant-whatevers Z.O.A. were formed by Seiichiroh Morikawa in 1984 and Tokyo’s power trio Boris joined the fray in 1992. They came together in 2020 to lay down this stunner of an EP, the experience of listening through Refrain is a guaranteed release from whatever ails you. And I mean guaranteed.

“Refrain”, the first conceptual collaboration album from Z.O.A x Boris, is complete.

It is a musical suite from both bands that surpasses space and time in a single 33-minute composition.

Prescription: Listen loudly all the way through. Repeat.
Warning: May cause rabid air guitaring, head banging, uncontrollable hand and arm movement, and imminent joy.