Album of the Week: Witch Prophet


So says Ayo Leilani’s Bandcamp page, otherwise known as Witch Prophet. The Golden Octave is her debut album but it bears no resemblance to one because The Golden Octave is mature beyond its years, slipping into some big shoes ever so comfortably.

We use references as anchors to keep us moored in familiar, comforting waters. “That sounds like this” and so on. Witch Prophet sounds like lots of things but instead of taking the safest route, how about we exhibit some abandon and just listen.

Witch Prophet may sound like lots of things but above all else, Witch Prophet sounds, and looks, like Witch Prophet. Besides, references are always so self-referential. My only advice: skip ahead to track 2. “Time Traveler” and if your connective membranes don’t light up like a pinball machine under Tommy’s command of the paddles, there’s clearly more ground work to be done.