Album of the Week: Tirzah

Slow, sultry, and spare go a long way toward keeping my listening genes happy. Devotion is the debut album from Tirzah released on Domino earlier this month and it keeps my Soul-O-Meter pegged at a constant 11.

What’s going on here is a lovely unforced freshness and I imagine many thanks go to producer Mica Levi for not cleaning things up, overtly. It may be the case that this approach won’t grab as many ears in the first 15 seconds, Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes has infected streaming listening habits where people tend to hit “Next” way too fast, but it does reward the non-casual listener with deeper delights.

Tirzah Mastin describes Devotion as “straight-up love songs,” which makes sense if you’ve experienced love as also being messy and anguished. Of course you have.

If you’re not convinced by the title track above, I suggest digging in a little deeper and waiting a little longer before hitting “Next.”

Devotion is available in a number of formats from a number of places including Boomkat. I rate it as being LP-worthy.