Album of the Week: Smerz | Believer

I’m a believer.

Norwegian duo Henriette Motzfeldt and Catharina Stoltenberg make unbalanced music, which to my mind makes them “realists” in the painterly sense of the word, representing the times in which we find ourselves bobbing.

Believer is their latest escapade, released on XL back in February, and it skitters in and out of genres like a truffle hog loose in MOMA. My fondness for the term badass knows no bounds, and Believer’s funhouse ride is shock full of unexpected twists, turns, and cold whispered caresses.

I’m not sure where solid ground begins and ends or what’s safe to grab hold of within the flickering moods of Believer but if sure feels as if that’s exactly where Motzfeldt and Stoltenberg want us — teetering in the awkward balance. Badass.