Album of the Week: Sharon Van Etten | We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong

We invest in music and the people who make it in many ways.

Financially (hopefully) and emotionally are two obvious yet important examples. We are vested and invested and when a favorite artist releases a new record, we listen with as much anticipation and expectation as ears.

Sharon Van Etten is among my favorites. I have been fortunate enough to see her perform live on two occasions—the first a headline concert in NYC on her birthday, and the second in NYC opening for Nick Cave (who happens to be another favorite). On a more personal note, her mom taught at the high school our daughters attended so we were nearly neighbors. With favorites, even the most tenuous of connections become significant.

We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong is SVE’s new record, released on Jagjaguwar earlier this month, and within a few bars of the opening track my expectations were met, exceeded, and smashed to smithereens (I grew up on Bugs Bunny). Listening through the rest raised the bar so many times, I needed wings to keep up.

If you enjoy songs sung, We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong is as solid a sampling as I’ve heard in years. Well crafted, beautifully performed, achingly lovely. A star is born.

You can (and should) buy We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong on Bandcamp (I bought the picture disc). Listen here: