Album of the Week: Samuel Kerridge | Kick To Kill

On Kick To Kill, Samuel Kerridge plays puppet master pulling Industrial heart strings so tight I nearly had to dance.

Samuel Kerridge is new to me and Kick To Kill is also the name of his new record label. But a few seconds into track 1, “Shit and Glitter,” and we may as well have been old pals. There’s more drama, more emotional scope here than your classic Blixa & Co. Neubauten crush, which makes perfect sense seeing as its not the 1980s.

Kerridge whips up a menacing assortment of tales and tunes teetering on the carny, another old infatuation of mine (a story for another day). Kick To Kill sounds big, bold, and badass on the hifi, a real house of horrors soundworld that worked my senses like one of Proust’s madeleines conjuring up the smell of grease, diesel, and sweaty stale cigarette smoke.

If you like edgy, if you crave challenging, if you relish the burnt ends with a bloody red center, add Kick To Kill to your menu.