Album of the Week: Pelt | Técheöd

Let’s get lost / Let them send out alarms.

Pelt’s Técheöd was recorded at home and live in 1997 and released in 2018, consisting of 3 tracks clocking in at 57 minutes.

Pelt is Jack Rose, Mike Gangloff, and Patrick Best on Guitars, Lowry Organ, Tape Loops, Shakers, Banjo, Beat Frequency Oscillator, Tenor & Alto Recorders, Double Whistle, and Jupiter Machine with Amy Shea on Fiddle, Mick Simmons on Tablas,  and Mark Cornick on Percussion and Bass Recorder joining in on track 1.

Minimal in form, maximal in time- and mind -bending meditative state-ness, Técheöd is a trip that beats getting lost a romantic mist.