Album of the Week: Johnny Heartbreaker | Cult Aesthetics

“What kind of music do you like?” Dangerous.

The only hearts to be broken are the ones inside people who guess a band with a name like Johnny Heartbreaker will be some retro leather, Levi’s & pompadour outfit. Cult Aesthetics is their debut album, and it crawled out a space opened in the 1980s by bands like Front 242.

Only Johnny Heartbreaker slice and dice everything into smaller bits, reconstituting the resulting sludge into choppy techno beats like a skin job meltdown. Industrial to its creaking inhuman bones, twitchy and glitchy with just right amount of juice, Cult Aesthetics goes round and round the void looking for love in all the wrong places, e.g. track 2 “Spambots Give Me Love”.

I can’t help but feel there’s some tongue in cheek at play, but its more bite than wink.