Album of the Week: Goat Girl | On All Fours

As I slurped down my ShopRite sushi after battling the 95+ degree tropical NJ heat, “Anxiety Feels” from Goat Girl’s 2021 stunner On All Fours came on Roon Radio and I thought, “I must have written about this record. It’s so damn tasty!”

But I hadn’t. To be fair, Stephen Mejias included On All Fours on his January 29, 2021 #NewMusicFriday list which is why I first lent it an ear. Ever since, I’ve been delighting in its effervescent heaviness.

Goat Girl is lead vocalist and guitarist Clottie Cream, guitarist and part time lead vocalist L.E.D., bassist Holly Hole, and drummer Rosy Bones. In some moments I’m reminded of Stereolab, which is always a good thing in my book, mostly for Clottie Cream’s vocal ease that teeters on the edge of dissonance. All the while the band supports with perfectly timed dreamy swirls of sound. Tasty.

I also enjoy music that’s not in a hurry or hellbent on being IMPRESSIVE! While I know our senses are the root of all evil [sarcasm] and every money- and power-hungry entity has spent centuries trying to dumb them down, we’re not dead yet.

If you enjoy a good album’s worth of really good songs that happily skip over the mundane, get On All Fours.